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Learn and earn a skilled based Diploma or a Professional Certificate from our vocational based college in Singapore, the bustling city known for trade and tourism.

We are a higher learning institution specialized in Hospitality, Culinary, Catering, Engineering, Project Management, and Business and Retail with a clear focus on teaching innovation methodology. We train future professional for these industries by providing knowledge, practical training and Industrial attachments.

The industry attachment provides our students with all the tools they need to acquire the knowledge required for personal and professional development and prepare the students for a competitive and constantly changing employment market.

Our Courses

Higher Diploma
International Hospitality
Business and Retail Management
Professional Certificates
Hospitality Operations

Our Student's Testimony and on Industrial Attachment

Importance of Industrial Attachment

The industrial attachment (Internship) puts into practice the basics students have learnt and get a feel of the industry. It gives trainees a hands on in the potential Industries the students are pursuing on. Internship is not a employment but a pathway leading to a success career. Students on completion of the academic and theory component would have no knowledge of the real time industry practices, thus the Industrial Attachment gives students the first hand experience. This training experience is usually at operational level either in service unit (major retail outlets, fast food outlets, hotels, logistics firms, engineering firms and Business centers). This Industrial attachment can be completed in any department depending on the student’s interest and specialization choice. The industry attachment program will help to gain international exposure and prepares for a career. Student must have the discipline and the positive mind set in this internship environment.

Our Objective for Hospitality Management courses

Hospitality has never been as popular as it is today. This course is an excellent opportunity for students to study and prepare for a career as a Hospitality Professional with excellent career opportunities and progression routes open to those who successfully achieve the qualification. This course gives students an opportunity to master the skills for the hospitality services.
This course is an excellent introductory qualification for students wishing to pursue a career in the dynamic, popular, fast-paced and exciting world of Hospitality and the customer facing roles within it. It is structured to help develop the skills, knowledge, and understanding you'll need in order to secure employment within a professional hospitality outlet in the Hospitality Industry.

Why offer Business and Retail Management

The main objective of the Diploma is to provide students with a broad understanding of the business and retail environment, Student will learn operational, entrepreneurial, human resource, marketing, and accounting management skills required for the business and retail environment. This qualification provides opportunities for students to develop their skills and knowledge preparing them to make a contribution to employment in the business and retail environment.

The main objective of Professional Certificate is to provide students with broad understanding of the retail and sales environment. Students will learn operational and strategic management skills required for the global retail and sales division. This qualification provides opportunities for students to develop their skills and knowledge to make contribution to employment in the global retail and sales industry.

Introducing Culinary and Catering Operations

The Diploma in Culinary and Catering Operations is designed to equip students with culinary knowledge and skills. Student will start to learn on basic use of kitchen equipment, understand food allergies and follow through kitchen safety and hygiene processes. This program gives essential skills required to work competently in a professional kitchen. Students will learn fundamental elements of western cuisines along with techniques of basic moist heat and dry heat cooking method. Students too will explore the techniques to store and process ingredients, cook, plate and present their final product.Upon graduation, students will be able to prepare basic Western cuisine and be able to take an entry level position in the kitchen organization.

Pathways for Engineering and Project Management

Professional Certificate in Engineering and Project Managementis designed to develop students as professionals in managing projects in wide varieties of industries. The qualification will enhance the ability in technical management functions, such as design, development, manufacturing, construction, operations, quality and maintenance. This course considers the principles in the management of project in engineering and other sectors. Students will develop an understanding of what constitutes a project and the role of a project manager. Students would be able to analyze and plan the activities needed to carry out the project, including how to set up a project, how to control and execute a project, and how to carry out project reviews.The career opportunities of the students will be varied and the skills they develop will be in high demand after the completion of this course. The industrial attachment will make the students to get more self confidence in engineering and project management.

Admission Process

  • Attend course counseling session. Understand the courses and attend Q & A session
  • Confirm the course you are interested, check if you meet admission criteria, submit file for admission with documents as in the checklist.
  • Submit pre counseling form, form 12, TEG application form, 2 passport Size photograph (white background), birth certificate and all educational certificates with transcripts
  • Please provide employment letters or proof letters for the gap between the last graduation date till to date. Attach financial statements (parents/self) and application fees$30.00.
  • TEG will process the admission with the entry criteria, on approval will issue letter of offer (LOO) and once student signs and returns the offer letter, we will proceed to apply for student study visa (Visa process 2 to 4 weeks).
  • On Approval of student pass , student contract will be forwarded, go through the contract and then sign the contract, then transfer full tuition fees.
  • Submit air ticket details to confirm arrival date. On arrival report to college for admission process and student pass formalities.

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