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Higher Diploma
Higher Diploma in International Hospitality and Tourism Management
Diploma in International Hospitality Management.
Professional Certificates
Professional Certificate in Hospitality Operations.

Message From The CEO

First of all, I thank you for viewing the website of TEG International College, Singapore. I believe that you are seriously considering TEG to be your college of study in the near future. You will be making a wise choice if you decide so. We at TEG strive to nurture young minds and bring out the best in them. Our faculty will impart the necessary knowledge to our students to achieve the above and consequently, enhance their employability. The job market in every country is ever-changing and dynamic and is dictated by globalization. It is therefore our ultimate aim not only to educate our students but to develop them to become future skilled and talented employees in their chosen field. We also offer courses that are capped by an on-the-job-training element. This provides hands-on experience to our students with on the job training, which will then place them on a higher standing when they seek full-time employment upon completion of the relevant course in our global world.

Our current courses range from the Certificate right up to UK Level 5 Higher National Diploma (RFQ) and UK Level 7Post Graduate Level UK Pearson Extended Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership (QCF). Some of the courses are certified and awarded by TEG while others are certified and awarded by the prestigious renowned international awarding body from the UK. We will continuously review and expand our courses up to bachelors’ degree and eventually masters’ degree level. We have a fair and transparent tuition fee refund policy. We take pride in providing students with a strong support system so that they can undertake their studies smoothly. We also put significant emphasis on our students’ welfare. Our teaching staffs are carefully selected based on their qualification, experience and dedication. We monitor the delivery of our courses so that students get maximum benefit. We maintain a very conducive teacher: student ratio for lectures and tutorials.

We are now located on an all-inclusive campus with hostel facilities at affordable rates and a food court within the campus serving various types of food at reasonable prices. There is also a hyper supermarket to cater to the students’ needs. The student council meets periodically and organizes various activities that benefit students. As and when required, we strive to provide a more comfortable ambience and improved facilities to our students. With regular input and feedback from all stakeholders, we will strive to be motivated, progressive and innovative.

We at TEG International College look forward to welcoming you as our student and future alumni.
Yours sincerely,

R A Balaguru

CEO, TEG International College


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